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What if you had access to some of the most amazing health breakthroughs in the world? With Little Known Discoveries That Make a Dramatic Impact on Your Health, the new book from The Underground Health Reporter (UHR), you can discover amazing ways to improve your health and enjoy greater well-being. The UHR Newsletter has subscribers all around the world, and this book collects those weekly updates into one volume.

If you’re suffering from arthritis, diabetes, or another condition, this book could be the key to unlocking healing and restoration. Order it today and learn about every amazing health secret!


Health Breakthroughs that are
Deliberately Kept Secret from the Public

  Get the single best source of”underground” discoveries that can heal
virtually any disease … eliminate pain … optimize your health and well-being …
and slow down your aging process —
without medical intervention

  “This is truly an outstanding book!  I’m
reading through it with highlighter in hand … WOW! This is FANTASTIC
information!  We could all live to 100+ on these natural substances.  As
I read, I can’t help but think how truly ‘wonderfully and fearfully’ we
human beings are made.” – Lewis Williams, Winnsboro, Texas

Here’s a partial list of alternative health secrets revealed in the
Underground Health Reporter book:

==>How Cancer Tumors are Dissolved in 40 Seconds!  A medicineless hospital routinely dissolves cancerous tumors using a 5,000-year-old healing practice.  Hospital practitioners are able to dissolve an orange-sized tumor in 40 seconds!  (See page 30)

==>Drug-Free Diabetes Remedy has a 100% success rate — and could potentially make diabetes medications obsolete!    The doctor who discovered this simple, inexpensive, safe, non-drug approach to diabetes has never had a single patient who was not able to get off their diabetes medicines using this revolutionary solution.  Type 2 diabetes patients were able to reverse their diabetes in just 3 weeks!  (See page 132)

==>More Effective in Eradicating AIDS than Azidothymidine (AZT).  A compound found in an exotic black mushroom has been shown to be more effective in eradicating AIDS than the antiviral drug AZT.  (see page 35)

==>The bark of a North American fruit tree has been shown to be  “a million times stronger than chemotherapy drugs” at fighting cancer — and causes no side effects.  A twenty-year, $5 million study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed this non-toxic natural extract to be an effective cancer treatment … compared to the dismal 2% success rate of chemotherapy.

==>The juice of this young cereal grass, it slows down the aging process,  rejuvenates aging cells, and turns gray hair back to its natural color. (see pages 20-21)

==>Overwhelming Scientific Evidence Proves the Pain-Killing and Therapeutic Benefits of This Simple Compound.   The rapid pain-killing effectiveness of this natural healing agent has been demonstrated in front of the watchful eyes of onlookers.  This time-tested compound is so effective in dealing with pain that many patients ignore their doctors’ prescriptions and use this instead.  (See page 91)

==>The “World’s Most Perfect Food” Prevents and Controls Alzheimer’s Disease.  The fruit that contains every nutrient required for human survival has been shown to be a major brain-health food that prevents and manages Alzheimer’s Disease.  It also contains a nutrient that prevents the tangled nerve fibers often experienced by those with Alzheimer’s.  (see page 57)

==>“Wonder Granules” Break Up Cholesterol and Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally!   Research reveals that these granules also disperse fat, and prevent dangerous fatty build-up in the arteries and veins.  (see page 139)

==>A “Broom for the Stomach” — Sweep Away 25% of the Calories You Eat — A root vegetable from Japan with virtually no calories, but high content of water, has the unique ability of expanding dramatically in your digestive tract — and flushing 25% of calories out of your body.  (see page 104)

==>How to make your cells grow younger – The nutritional effect of the enzymes present in this type of “immature food” can help “youthify” your cells and make you look younger.  This was proven by a researcher who showed how the bodies of decrepit old rats began to grow younger and become transformed when fed this botanical.  (see page 15)

==>A natural, drug-free arthritis cure  — yes, cure! — that reverses the breakdown of cartilage.  Ten clinical trials costing $45 million proves that this molecule is    the most effective natural supplement for joint pain.  This is a drug-free solution for arthritis that actually rebuilds cartilage shocked the medical mainstream. (see page 125)

==>A Japanese Food Substance Dissolves Blood Clots Better Than Any Drug — and Reduces Blood Pressure!  This popular Japanese breakfast food has been proven to dissolve blood clots within 18 hours.  It can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  (see page 88)

==>Rub Your Stomach Away in Just 2 Minutes a Day — An easy, two-minute exercise literally sweeps your intestines clean and helps reduce body fat — especially abdominal fat.  (see page 106)


==>The Oil of an Aromatic Herb Relieves Headache Pain as Effectively as Tylenol and Over-the-Counter Analgesics.  Rubbing this oil on your forehead relieves pain — without the side effects of over-the-counter drugs.  Researchers at the Neurological Clinic at Christian-Albrechts University in Kile, Germany, showed clinical proof of the effectiveness of this natural remedy.  (see page 69)

==>A Mushroom That Cures Cancer – A  beta-lucan compound found in this flavorful mushroom has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in humans.  This compound has anti-tumor capabilities, and has been effective in the treatment of colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, gastric cancer and stomach cancer.  (see pages 35-36)

==>An $8 “Nutritional Chemotherapy” Reduces Multiplication of Cancer Cells by 98% —  A common root used as a spice (and which costs only $8) produces results as powerful as chemotherapy, but without side effects. This underground treatment was shown in one study to  reduce the rapid multiplication of cancer cells by 98%.  It was also shown to be 90% effective in reducing mouth and tongue cancers caused by smoking.  (see pages 37-39)

==>Scientifically validated mind technology shown to cause spontaneous remission from disease.  Precisely engineered thought patterns can even “rewrite” abnormal genes to a healthier state — and you can  experience healing results instantly.  This discovery is being hailed worldwide as a major breakthrough which proves that our bodies — and our genes — can be changed, healed and  transformed by retraining our thoughts.     Abnormal genes can actually be “rewritten” and changed to a healthier state — and you can  experience healing results instantly.   (see page 53)


==>The Oil from This Culinary Spice is Also a Powerful Natural Antibiotic — This essential oil has “pharmacologic” action unseen in many other natural remedies — and has been shown to reduce infection “as effectively as traditional antibiotics,” according to a Georgetown University study.  It has been compared favorably with streptomycin, penicillin — and even vancomycin, which is considered  the most potent antibiotic.  The price tag for this essential oil is a tiny fraction of the cost of an antibiotic prescription.  (see page 63)

==>A  Single Musical Note Repairs and Restructures Your DNA   and Delivers Unlimited Potential for Healing.  This musical note, which vibrates at a specific frequency, is used by biochemists because of its healing effect on human DNA.  A world famous Harvard doctor even  declares that all healing is caused by the vibrations from this frequency.  “Profound healing effects” can occur without treatments or medication of any kind.  (see page 52)

==>Zap viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens and parasites from your body in minutes.  Using a low-voltage “zap” from an inexpensive hand-held device that’s available online, destructive viruses and bacteria are eliminated in minutes.  Pathogens and parasites such as tapeworm stages and ringworms are eradicated in 5 minutes.  (see page 95)

==>Melt Away Disease Using Nothing More Than Your Fingertips!   This energy medicine technique effectively clears destructive cellular memories that shut down your immune system.  Once you turn your immune system back on and it’s working as it should, it’s almost impossible to get sick or stay sick.  (see page 155)


==>This Peruvian Herb is One of the Best Known Natural Aphrodisiacs  — This has achieved the reputation of being a “super herb” because it heals a variety of health conditions, and enhances fertility and libido.  In addition to stimulating sexual pleasure, it also increases energy and mental clarity.  It also minimizes PMS symptoms, increases energy, improves mental clarity, relieves pain … and helps in the prevention of several forms of cancer.  (see page 71)
==>One of the Best Asthma Treatments Costs Nothing!  This simple systemic supplement for asthma is absolutely free — and does not cause the adverse effects brought about by many asthma medications and inhalers.  Insufficiency of this supplement can cause a 50% increase in severe asthma attacks.  (see page 87)

==>The Rind of This Curious Asian Fruit Blocks the Enzyme That Turns Carbs to Fat  — An 8-week study conducted in Georgetown University shows that a compound from the rind of this exotic fruit causes significant reduction in weight, a decrease in appetite and food intake  — and an increase in fat-burning.  The results of the study are simply astonishing!  (see page 193)

==>A Mushroom That Makes You Skinny  — There’s a medicinal mushroom that when dehydrated and encased in a capsule, expands in your stomach — activating the satiety response  and enabling you to lose unwanted pounds.  Because the mushroom is nutrient-dense, it also fulfills much of the body’s nutritional needs and promotes good health.  (see page 198)

==>Erase Pain, Eliminate Addictions and Heal Yourself of 300 Diseases Simply by Touching Your Ear — Touching functional points on your outer ear can enable you to easily kick the smoking habit or other addictions, alleviate pain and  resolve even longstanding health problems. This clinical science is recognized by the World Health Organization and approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  (see page 185)


==>The No. 1 Anti-Aging Food – This food’s abundant supply of nucleic acid gives it remarkable rejuvenating properties and the ability to repair cells and tissues rapidly.  Patients treated with foods rich in these acids looked and felt 6 to 12 years younger than their chronological age!  It is well known for its ability to keep skin smooth and youthful — and it has also been shown to be effective in treating cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. (see pages 17-20)

==>Two Rejuvenating Herbs Used by the World’s Longest-Living Man — A Chinese man, who has the longest recorded lifespan in history (256 years) attributed his long life to an herbal tea made of 2 powerful herbs.  (see pages 5-7)

==>Unlock your inner genius!  Your unconscious mind is inherently brilliant.  It allows you to tap subconscious guidance to deliver “genius” answers to questions about a business deal, a relationship, and finances — in as little as one minute.  You can also boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition.  (see page 159)

==>and much, much more!


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