The Plant-Based Village



The Plant-Based Village
presents compelling evidence that by choosing to eat
delicious plant-based meals — instead of meals comprised of meat,
fish, eggs or dairy — you can help solve the worl’ds biggest problems.

Even without becoming a vegetarian or vegan, when you eat meals consisting of foods derived from plants whenever possible, and reduce your consumption of animal-based products you:

==> Optimize your health, prevent or reverse chronic diseases, delay the signs of aging, increase your energy, support healthy weight loss and add years to your life

==> Do your part to save the planet by helping to protect the environment, reduce pollution, curb greenhouse gas emissions, fight global warming, stop deforestation and conserve the world s natural resources.

==> Protect animals from cruelty and inhumane treatment and put an end to their being killed for food production. And you prevent the imminent depletion of the
world’s supply of fish.

==>Contribute to the eradication of world hunger and famine by helping to reallocate the world’s crops to feed hungry people instead of animals that are raised for meat and dairy consumption.

==>Save money not only on groceries, but also on healthcare costs, including medications, doctor and hospital bills.

This book provides indisputable proof that if enough people make the incremental lifestyle change of choosing tasty plant-based meals and reducing their meat, fish, egg and dairy consumption whenever possible, it could transform the quality of global health, support animal welfare, end world hunger and accomplish more good for the environment than all other environmental initiatives combined.


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