How to Heal Your Body With Your Mind


What if you could use your mind to heal your body? In How to Heal Your Body with Your Mind, you’ll learn about the science of psychoneuroimmunology, which is the study of the interconnection between the neurological and immune systems, and how positive thinking can strengthen the immune system, lower stress levels, and help the body heal. You’ll discover how biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis, and other methods can help the body repair itself from within, giving you greater well-being and perhaps even longer life!

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The State of Your Health or Sickness
Originates Not in the Body but in the Mind
How to overcome any health challenges with the power of thought

     The mind-body connection enables you to transform your cells simply by changing your mindset, and thereby changing your biology, and your life.  The e-book, How to Heal Your Body with Your Mind, explores the science of thinking your way to health and reveals powerful mind technologies that can help you heal yourself of virtually any health problem.

     When you read this e-book, you will discover:

==> How your thoughts can lead to spontaneous healing of the body – without any medical intervention whatsoever.
Power of Thought
==> How the science of psychoneuroimmunology, which studies the interconnection between the neurological and immune systems, has confirmed the link between our thoughts and our health – that positive thinking strengthens the immune system and helps lower stress levels, which in turn helps combat stress-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, certain forms of cancer, and psychosomatic illnesses.

==> How the healing power of thought enabled a 19th century French psychologist and pharmacist to cure hundreds of patients in Europe and North America.

==> How thoughts of tranquility cause your body to produce a tranquilizing biochemical similar to diazepam (Valium), which supports proper functioning of the immune system – and unlike the pharmaceutical, this natural, drug-free therapy has no adverse effects.

==> How you can “turn off” sickness and “turn on” health by using your mind to alter the way your genes behave – a life-changing opportunity for the human race in the treatment of disease!

==> Positive proof that who and what you surround yourself with can have a direct effect on your health!

==> How wrong beliefs cause 90% to 95% of all illness and disease – and how to use subliminal programming to reverse them.

==> How negative thoughts release a cascade of harmful chemicals that wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing, and may lead to physical disease.

==> How the mind-based, energy healing modality called Qi Gong has been shown to dissolve cancerous tumors in as little as 48 seconds.

==> How to rise above your conditioned mental reflexes and consciously direct your mind to think only thoughts that enhance health.

==> How hypnosis can strengthen the immune system, kick bad habits, addictions and childhood issues, treat chronic pain, support symptom relief – and even reduce gastrointestinal upset.

==> How the mind-body connection enables thoughts to influence specific organs, and how focusing on positive thoughts activate a cascade of endorphins that have the ability to support healing.

==> How biofeedback, guided imagery, meditation, deep breathing, and hypnosis cause the body to produce the health-enhancing bio-chemicals that may lead to increased longevity, decreased stress levels, immune system health, and reduced risk of heart disease.

==> How some positive thoughts can cause the body to produce “a million dollars’ worth” of anti-cancer biochemicals that rival the leading anti-cancer drug, thereby ushering in a powerful natural therapy for cancer that has zero cost and has zero adverse effects known to accompany drugs.

==> How the repetition of an optimistic autosuggestion causes a change in one’s unconscious thoughts that, in turn, affect organic changes that enable people to cure themselves of virtually any health problem.

==> Why the average human has approximately 60,000 opportunities each day to send our bodies positive, healing messages!

==> How the science of epigenetics makes it possible to not only eradicate our own inherited risks of disease, but also allow us to pass on normal genes to the next generation.

==> How you can use your mind to “rewrite” your genetic expression, enabling your body to change the way diseased genes and cells behave, so that they express themselves as normal, healthy ones.
Mind-Body Connection
==> How to “retrain” your thoughts to be more positive, thereby enhancing the health of your body.

==> How subliminal programming can help you transcend limitations, overcome psychological barriers, and restore optimum health.

==> How to prevent unconscious media programming from having a cumulative negative effect on your health and well-being.

==> How you can write your own subliminal messages to defuse years of negative programming and beliefs, such as ill health, scarcity, inadequacy, poverty consciousness, poor self-image, victim syndrome, and hypochondria.

==> How stress can turn round, smooth, and healthy blood cells into misshapen, dysfunctional ones – and how meditation can help reverse that process.

==> How to experience the far-reaching health benefits of meditation effortlessly through the power of audio technology.

==> The simple and effective Qi Gong exercise that helps banishes pain or sickness from your body, and how it has been shown to help heal cancer and other diseases.


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