Your Dog’s Love Letter



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If Your Dog Could Write You a Letter,
this book contains what the letter would say …


     Wouldn’t you want to know what your dog wants to say to you?  This unique, little book conveys the unspoken sentiments of dogs for their owners — and captures the entire range of emotions that humans attribute to their dogs.  It strikes a deep emotional chord in dog lovers and dog owners — and shines the light on an often overlooked but priceless contribution that dogs give to their owners’ lives.

It’s not just a book — it’s an emotional experience!


“I didn’t think I could love my dog any more than I already did but…”

“I read Your Dog’s Love Letter expecting it to be just a cute novelty item about dogs and their owners.  But I was in for a surprise.  The book tugged at my heartstrings and showed me an unexplored aspect of my dog, Gretel, that was so moving that I got teary-eyed when
I reached the end.  I didn’t think I could love my dog any more
than I already did, but after reading this book, I loved her a lot
more.  Every dog owner should read this book and see something in their dogs they’ve never seen before — and be enriched by the experience.  I’m going to buy a copy for every dog lover I know.”
Amy Lerner, Kennebunkport, Maine

“I am so touched …it’s so beautiful!.”

“I am in tears and so touched by ‘Your Dogs Love Letter.’ 
I can’t stop crying!!!!  It’s so beautiful!  I felt that the
book expressed just what my dog, Bucky, would tell me if he could write
a letter.” — Angelica Isaac, Fontana, California

“I’m giving my children, nieces and nephews a copy of this book…”

“I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my lips as I read Your Dog’s Love Letter.  This heartwarming book
describes with great charm the unique bond formed when humans and dogs
share their lives.  There are many books on dog training, but
little is written about the joys, rewards and emotional responsibility of owning these marvelous creatures
I grew up with pet dogs — the next generation is now old enough for
their first family dog.  To help my children, nieces and nephews
get the most from this rich experience, I am giving each a copy of Your Dog’s Love Letter.” – Jennifer Main, Chicago, Illinois

“Delightful, poignant and heartwarming!”

Your Dog’s Love Letter is a delightful, poignant and heartwarming book!  I just loved, loved it
and will treasure it always!!!  Truly, I wish to always be
surrounded by canines as well as humans who have the qualities
presented in the book — forever joyous, loyal and loving!  I am
thankful and grateful to the author of this book for ‘delivering’
this message to the world because she obviously knows the true spirit
of our canine friends!  I can’t wait to share this beautiful
letter with my fellow canine-loving family and friends, and have ordered 15 copies of the book to give away to them.” — Brenda Foster, San Mateo, California

Own This Book

“Our son carries this book around with him wherever he goes.”

wife and I have never owned a dog before, but since our 6-year-old son,
Matthew, wanted one for Christmas last year, we got him a beagle whom
he named Boo.  Matthew just learned to read this year, so when we
received a copy of Your Dog’s Love Letter, we
gave it to him.  He immediately sat down and read the book
straight away, looking into Boo’s eyes and patting his back as he
read.  Now, he carries the book around with him wherever he goes,
showing it to people and saying, “This is the letter that Boo wrote me.”  
Raffy Almeida, Los Angeles, California

“My spirits were lifted … I got a sense of fulfillment…”

The moment I received ‘Your Dog’s Love Letter’ in the mail,
I read it straight through.  I felt as though my spirits were lifted
as I read it, and I got a sense of fulfillment from the words and
their message.  The relationship dynamics between dogs and
humans reminded
me of all of my own special experiences with dogs — whether the
dogs belonged to me or other people.  This book expresses the human aspect of dogs, and shows how dogs inspire self-acceptance and self-esteem in their owners.  It’s a truly unique book that I intend to share with other dog lovers.”
— Graham Stark, Hollywood, California

“I couldn’t help but shed a tear when I read this book…even if I don’t own a dog.”

“I read my brother’s copy of Your Dog’s Love Letter and
I couldn’t help but shed a tear while reading it — even though I don’t
even own a dog.  The words and feelings conveyed in the book were
both touching and sentimental
They show how a dog’s unconditional love can make such a difference in
a person’s self-esteem and the way one views one’s self; how a dog’s
devotion helps overcome people’s pain and heartbreak; and how it can
help improve one’s relationships with other human beings.  The
lessons learned can be applied not only to relationships with dogs but
also to human beings.” — Cassandra Sellner, Dublin, California  

“We should all aspire to love
the way our dogs love us.”

“I’m a new dog owner (3 months), and the book, Your Dog’s Love Letter, was given to me as a gift.  When I read it, I really felt that my dog, Goldie, was talking to me and
I was moved by the feelings the letter presented — that of unabashed
love, unconditional devotion and faithful service.  This is more
than just a book for dog owners.  It’s an essential guidebook that
shows how we can observe the way dogs love and use it to improve our relationships with other human beings
Every husband, wife or person involved in a human relationship can
learn how to love by reading this book.  We should all aspire to
love the way our dogs love us.” — Marissa Dunne, Maplewood, New

“This speaks to the hearts of dog lovers everywhere”

I own a Shih-Tzu named Nikki that just celebrated her 9th birthday recently.  The book, Your Dog’s Love Letter,
brought tears to my eyes because it expressed the unique relationship
I’ve had with Nikki in a way that moved me.  Having always owned
pet dogs throughout my life, I think this book
speaks to the heart of dog lovers everywhere.” 
– Callie Brown,
Woodstock, Georgia

“I really enjoyed this book!”

Your Dog’s Love Letter presents lovely sentiments about the special relationship a dog has with its owner.  I’m a big animal lover and I really enjoyed this book!” — Diane Mendez, Middlefield, Connecticut


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