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What if you had access to some of the most amazing health breakthroughs in the world? With Little Known Discoveries That Make a Dramatic Impact on Your Health, the new book from The Underground Health Reporter (UHR), you can discover amazing ways to improve your health and enjoy greater well-being. The UHR Newsletter has subscribers all around the world, and this book collects those weekly updates into one volume.

If you’re suffering from arthritis, diabetes, or another condition, this book could be the key to unlocking healing and restoration. Order it today and learn about every amazing health secret!


Product Description

This book can be the single best source of “underground” discoveries that can heal virtually any disease, eliminate pain, optimize your health and well-being, and slow down your aging process – all without medical intervention.

“This is truly an outstanding book, Danica. You and everyone involved should be very proud of it. I’m reading through it with highlighter in hand … WOW! This is FANTASTIC information! We could all live to 100+ on these natural substances. As I read, I can’t help but think how truly ‘wonderfully and fearfully’ we human beings are made.”
– Lewis Williams, Winnsboro, Texas (2 Dec 2012)

Practically every week, new alternative health breakthroughs are discovered. Most of them are scientifically proven to heal a wide variety of diseases, eliminate pain, slow down or reverse the aging process, and enhance health and longevity.

Yet these powerful health alternatives – most of which are inexpensive or free – are unknown to most people because they’re deliberately kept secret from the public.

How many of these health breakthroughs do you know?

Tree Bark – 1 Million Times More Effective Than Chemo 1) Which North American fruit tree has been shown to be “a million times stronger than chemotherapy drugs” at fighting cancer and causes no side effects?

Hint: No, it’s not graviola or soursop. The bark of this fruit tree is exceedingly more powerful than these. A twenty-year, $5 million study funded by the National Cancer Institute showed this non-toxic natural extract to be an effective cancer treatment, compared to the dismal 2 percent success rate of chemo.

Diabetes Meds Obsolete? 2) Which doctor-recommended drug-free diabetes remedy has a 100 percent success rate, and could potentially make diabetes medications obsolete?

Hint: The doctor who discovered this inexpensive and safe approach to diabetes has never had a single patient who was not able to get off their diabetes medicines using this revolutionary solution. In a UCLA clinical study on diabetes, Type 2 patients were able to reverse their diabetes in just three weeks!

Non-Drug Cure for Arthritis 3) Which non-drug arthritis cure – yes, cure! – reverses the breakdown of cartilage?

Hint: This cure for arthritis is protected by 14 patents, and is based on a revolutionary molecule which literally halts the breakdown of cartilage and throws it in reverse. Ten clinical trials costing $45 million proves that this molecule is the most effective natural supplement for joint pain, and no, it’s not glucosamine or chondroitin.

Turns Gray Hair Back to Natural Color 4) When you regularly consume the juice of this young cereal grass, it slows down the aging process, rejuvenates aging cells, and turns gray hair back to its natural color.

Hint: This potent juice has also been shown to double your red cell count just by soaking in it – and it detoxifies the body, fights tumors, and tightens loose and sagging skin..

Precisely Engineered Thought Patterns 5) Which scientifically validated mind technology has been shown to cause spontaneous remission from disease?

Hint: This discovery is being hailed worldwide as a major breakthrough that proves our bodies and our genes can be changed, healed, and transformed by retraining our thoughts. Precisely engineered thought patterns can even “rewrite” abnormal genes to a healthier state, and you can experience healing results instantly.

How Many of the Above Questions Were You Able to Answer?

If you’re like most people, you probably didn’t know the answer to any of them.

Why? Because these types of “underground” health breakthroughs and natural remedies are rarely reported by mainstream media; instead, they are systematically suppressed and even banned because they threaten the profits of mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Just think about it – what would happen to the earnings of Big Pharma and the medical industry if people knew all these health breakthroughs and natural remedies that enable them to heal themselves of virtually any disease or health problem?

What if every individual were able to optimize their health and well-being, and no one ever needed medical treatment again, except for emergencies and natural disasters?

When you read this book in its entirety, not only will the five health breakthroughs above be revealed, but you will also discover countless other extraordinary alternative health options that will make a dramatic impact on your health and well-being.

Why You Must Have This Alternative Health Information Now

I am Danica Collins, the editor of the Underground Health Reporter health and wellness e-newsletter. The Underground Health Reporter is a weekly publication that reveals little-known, cutting-edge (sometimes unconventional, and always startling) alternative health information that can revolutionize your health or even save your life.

Since its first issue in 2009, the Underground Health Reporter e-newsletter has gained tremendous popularity as a leading health and wellness publication online, amassing hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and subscribers.

Underground Health Reporter Book

Over the last few years, ever since the maiden issue of the Underground Health Reporter was broadcast in 2009, thousands of our readers have been sending us emails asking us to compile all the cutting-edge health information of our e-newsletter into a book.

We finally gave in to their demand. For the first time ever, we’re making the Underground Health Reporter book available to the public.

This book is an unparalleled collection of cutting-edge, unconventional, hushed-up, forgotten, and little-known health breakthroughs and natural treatments for a wide variety of diseases, ailments and health problems from A to Z, including, but not limited to:

  • AIDS
  • Allergies
  • Acid Reflux
  • Addiction
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Emphysema
  • Hair Loss
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Heart Disease
  • Insomnia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Prostate Problems
  • Pain
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Stroke
  • and virtually every ailment in existence

Every alternative therapy and health breakthrough presented in the fully-illustrated pages of this book has been thoroughly researched and verified for its effectiveness before it was allowed to be included in this compilation. Order your copy today and learn this amazing information for yourself!


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