The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases Top 10 Natural Cancer Cures The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the World
The One-Minute Cure The Top 10 Natural
Cancer Cures
The Amazing Science
of Auriculotherapy
The Greatest Manifestation
Principle in the World
This book reveals the
remarkable, scientifically
proven natural therapy
that creates an environment
within the body where
cancer and other
diseases cannot thrive
-- and enables the body
to cure itself of disease.
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This book presents 10
powerful natural cures that
have healed tens of
thousands of people of
cancer--including late stage
or terminal cancer.  These
cures have been hailed by
health practitioners as the
"best of the best."
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A scientifically-based technique
that involves pressing specific
points on your outer ear to
help stop smoking, lose weight
and eliminate pain. Recognized
by the World Health Organi-
zation and approved by the
FDA to treat over 350
diseases without drugs.

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This critically-acclaimed,
life-changing book, which
readers have called
"divinely inspired," reveals
a powerful principle that
enables you to truly
manifest your heart's desires.

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UHR Book Beverly
Underground Health
Reporter - The Book
Beverly Hills
The Simple Green Smoothie Solution How to Reprogram Your DNA for Optimum Health
Spontaneous Healing and Other Health Miracles through Epigenetics



Discover little-known health
breakthroughs -- breaking news
that could make a dramatic impact
on your health and the health of
your loved ones.  A compilation of
the most popular features from
Underground Health ReporterTM
e-newsletter, read by 252,000

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A revolutionary book that
reveals an easy plan which
uses food and your natural biochemistry to burn
excess fat and weight.
so you can become
'Beverly Hills thin!'

Plus, a simple 12-minute fitness workout that you
do only twice a week -- without ever setting foot
in a gym.

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This book reveals the single most
health-enhancing, weight-
reducing, healing, detoxifying and
anti-aging habit for achieving
optimum health.  Green smoothies are an all-natural “prescription” that accelerates your weight loss efforts… and helps you look and feel better than you have in years!
Includes 49 kitchen-tested recipes
that enhance your health and

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Discover an exciting field of genetic
science called epigenetics, which
shows you how changing your
genes' expression can make a
dramatic difference in your
health.  Learn how you can
program your DNA to create a
healthy body in as little as
2 minutes
, how epigenetics has
been shown to cure disease
spontaneously -- and how it can
give you supreme control over
your health.

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The Next Big Anti-Aging Secrets  Your Dog's Love Letter Midwinter Turns to Spring  

Discover the most powerful,
up-to-the-minute anti-aging
secrets used by the Beverly Hills
elite -- obtained from top
physicians and researchers around
the world. This book will show you
how to make these secrets work
for you, so that you can begin to
halt and even reverse the aging
process. These are the top
scientifically validated strategies
for achieving age-defying results
and maximizing human lifespan.

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If your dog could write you a
letter, this book contains what
the letter would say.  This
unique, little book conveys the
unspoken sentiments of dogs
for their owners.  It's not just a
book -- it's an emotional experience!

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The Novel That Sings!
Immerse yourself in the multi-
media experience of the only
novel that comes with its own
music soundtrack.  The
flamenco-inspired music gives
a whole new dimension to
novel reading.

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